Developer: Stix Games
Press contact: tamar@stix-games.com
Release date: June 27, 2014
Genre: Casual action turn-based multiplayer
Supported platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/loonies/id722924004?mt=8
Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joinstix.loonies
Dual install link: http://install.looniesgame.com/


Loonies is a turn-based action-strategy game for 2 players, in which players battle each other for gems.

The game mechanics are a cross between Billiard, Pac-man and Pinball where the player needs to aim and sling his character to collect gems, while avoiding obstacles and planning ahead.

Each turn the player has limited moves to collect as many gems as they can, the first player to collect 3000 gems and cross the finish line wins the game! players can also steal from their opponents, and obstruct them by scattering mines.

There are also power ups to collect in every turn, various arenas to play, and extra content to discover as the player progresses.


With our debut game, Loonies, we set out to make a new breed of multiplayer games - one that combines the action and fun of casual arcade games, with the direct competition between friends that is found in turn-based games.
We drew inspiration from the gameplay of billiard, the way players directly affect each other, and its physics-based mechanics which are easy to learn and hard to master.
We mixed those with the action-packed experience from arcade classics like pinball and pac-man, to achieve the rich gameplay required to keep players coming back to the game.

Loonies were an ancient civilization which was nearly destroyed by a rapid climate change as the moon they inhabited plunged into an ice age. Now humans have gained access to this moon, and on it they find the eggs of the last survivors. Each player is awarded one such egg when they first enter the game, and hatch from it their very own Loony. The hatched Loonies feed on the crystals which grow on the moon’s surface, and bring their surroundings to life as they glide through the frozen landscape.

Stix is a mobile-social gaming startup founded in may 2013 with the mission to produce social and engaging games which let friends play with each other, and not just with strangers. After producing a pilot title, The President, to demonstrate the company’s vision and capabilities, Stix secured a seed investment from the Tel Aviv Angel fund. Stix is based in Tel Aviv, the hub of the recently flourishing Israeli game industry.


• Play against your facebook friends
• Play with random players
• Physics-based action puzzle gameplay
• Customize your Loony
• Use amazing super powers
• Discover different playgrounds
• Play at your own pace
• No game limit - Play several games at once
• Get notified when it’s your turn
• Pass and play mode


Stix team: Tamar Abrahams Schultz, Simon Reisman, Gili Zeevi, Near Privman
Music & sound: Idan Egozy

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